• me: no one ever texts me
  • *gets a text*
  • me: wtf do you want

favorite pictures of alex turner

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the sinclair presents two days of music i know bc of haim


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hmm hmm hmm should I see blake mills when he comes to boston in September

shapirosho’s get to know me meme → favorite female characters (1/5): Shoshanna Shapiro   


[gabriella montez voice] you’re crazy wildcat

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haim is so weird their lyrics are like last priority for them when it comes to writing and they’re still so good at it

I was listening to the XFM radio show where Haim goes track by track through Days Are Gone and it’s so cool because Danielle talks the most and actually cuts off her sisters at points so she can explain what was going on during the song and how it came to be as opposed to nodding along to “you’re TLC meets Fleetwood Mac!”. She’s so all about the music it’s so cool to hear her get so excited about it


danielle haim is like the human definition of a middle child

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please stop romanticizing Lord Farquad

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